Columns Management

Column is a container of statuses, issues will be grouped into columns where its status is mapped to. Besides board scope and JQL filter, columns also affect what issues are shown in board. In this page, we will explain in details what supported in Columns Management page and some other concerns.

Map / un-map statuses
  • When a status is un-mapped, issues have that status will not be shown up in board.
  • When dragging an issue in board, the available columns are determined by a few factors:
           1. The issue type: to determine which workflow should be used
           2. The issue status: to determine which transitions are available and what statuses the issue can be moved to

      3. The statuses mapping configuration: available columns are the ones with available statuses from (2) mapped

  • Columns have no statuses mapped will not be shown in board
Column constraints

Setting max / min number of issues should have in a column. Used to highlight columns in board those have too many or too few issues.


Columns management page also supports re-ordering columns

Deleting columns

Deleting a column in Columns Management page only remove the column out of board and bring its statuses to the Unmapped Statuses panel, this operation won’t delete issues belong to it.