Overview of Jira Boards Plugin

Kanban view

Plan and Prioritize all your team’s work in a single board view with full context

All critical issue data are displayed to cards on board

Issues can be moved between columns or ranked within their own columns

Update issue details

Updating issue details could never be more efficient with the quick edit issue context

Click on issue to view and update the full issue details

Collapse unwanted content

Columns can be collapsed to give space for other ones those are more important to you

Group issues by Assignee or Subtask to divide your board into smaller groups and you are also able to collapse unnecessary ones for better focus

Collapsing unwanted content also boosts up your board performance

More controls on board view via the board configuration

Column Management

Column status mapping

Add / remove / rename columns

Set column constraints

Card colors

Configure color shown on cards

Choosing methods from Issue Types, Priorities or more advanced use case via JQL

Card layout

Configure to show more field data displayed to cards

Quick filter

Add / remove JQL based quick filters on board